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B G Corner's commentary

Trade Union Movement in the Kantipur Publication

B G Corner
June 11, Kathmandu

Many of the media people are excited with the recent movement in the Kantipur Publication. But B G Corner is surprised to notice none of the daily newspapers carrying the news of the movement. What are they afraid of? Why the sympathy to the publishers? Bloody editors who aborted the news. Even Ram Pradhan did not publish anything. It'd be wrong to expect Kishore Nepal though now a Nalini's lackey to cover the news in the Nepal 1 TV?

Where are those so-called pioneer bloggers ? Are they afraid of being fired by the mangement? Why do they hesitate to write about the activities in their Publicaiton? Do they blog only for money then? Shame, shame. Shame on your money-mindedness and shame on your servitude.

Why does the management consider working people as enemies? Corporate and marketing people are superior. Journalists and other workers are always considered inferior in every publication.

Carry on Kantipurians. B G Corner is with you. Let's fight the capitalistic and profit motive publishers and some of their whiteclothed lackeys among us together.

Up with the trade union movement!
Down with servitude!

Down with the bloody management!
Down with the lackeys!

(Why not to dish the dirt of the Kantipur now? Why not of
Gyawali Senior who gathered money by taking bribe and embezelling taxpayers' money when he was in civil service?

Why not of his son and his accomplice Kanaudia
who smuggled and cheated tax in the garment business?)

Shambhu Shrestha or Balkrishna Chapagain?

Press Chautari Election
Shambhu Shreshta may be unanimously elected President

B G Corner

June 11, Kathmandu

Former president of the Press Chautari Shambhu Shrestha is said to be running the election of the organistaion of scribes close to the CPN UML tomorrow for the presidency. According to a source close to Shrestha who doesn't want to be named, Shrestha's candidacy will be against the outgoing president Bal Krishna Chapagain. "If Chapagain doesn't show interest for the post, Shrestha may not stand," he claimed.

Lately it has been learnt that Kishor Shrestha also has shown interests for the presidency. But he is said to be reluctant to compete with 'Shambu Dai'.

Till yesterday Chapagain panel was heard to be bragging that some influential leaders and ministers of the mother party support Chapagain. "Comrade Pradip has already congratulated him," the source said with sips of local liquor in a seedy bar in Baghbazar. "But Shambhu has been backforced by the UML central leader Raghuji Pant," added he.

Another source claimed that the party won't interfere in the elections. "Senior scribes including Gopal Thapaliya and Bijaya Chalise want to see Shambhu elected unanimously. So he has more chances," he said.

B G Corner wishes best of luck to Shambhu Shrestha!

"Nalini Singh may sue Kantipur Publication"

Dishing the Dirt Exclusive

Nepal 1 TV vs Kantipur Publication
"Kishore Nepal still the Editor of the Nepal Magazine"
Nalini Singh my sue the Kantipurians

B G Corner
June 08, Kathmandu

The Kathmandu media circle has been hardly hit by a new gossip today that Nalini Singh may sue the Kantipur Publications. The new row between the Nepal 1 TV and the Kantipur Publications is said to be centred on Kishore Nepal who left the Kantipur's Nepal Magazine last month to join the Nalini's notorious Nepal 1 TV.

According to the Blog Gossip Corner source, though the new issues of the Nepal magazine have come to the print with Sudhir Sharma's name as the editor the Kantipur Publications still claim Kishore Nepal to be with them. "You can see the Ekantipur, the official website of the publications, which claims Mr. Kishore Nepal as the Editor of Nepal" the source said.

Meanwhile, lately it has been learned that Mr. Sharma may be dissatisfied with the Kantipur management for not recognizing him as the editor of Nepal.

The Dishing the Dirt tried to contact the Publications Director to know about the matter but the Ext. 1606 was very busy this evening.

Hello cheerfully irresponsible Kantipurians!
Will you change yourselves first before teaching
lessons to others?
Down with your breaking news
that always flays the government and its agencies only for not updating their

HMG or Nepal government? Sudhir Sharma or Kishore Nepal?
Or, is it the same thing?

Shame, shame!

Lethal weapons with Nepali mediamen

Guns with Nepali Journalists

According to a scoop published in a recently published tabloid, some mediamen in
Kathmandu own lethal weapons

In the scoop titled "Sabdhan! Yi neta sanga banduk chhan" (Beware! These leaders have gun" in Nayapatrika, Parshuram Kafle writes that Yugnath Sharma Poudel, the publisher and editor of Ason Bazar Sapthahik, owns a gun of 11 bore. Likewise, Mahendra Sherchan, the president of Utsarga Prakashan and publisher of the Rajdhani Dainik, has two licensed guns. Further, Kafle writes that Bidur KC, a royalist scribe, also has a registered airgun.
Source: Naypatrika
Editor: Krishna Jwala Devkota
सावधान, यी नेतासँग हतियार छन्
पर्शुराम काफ्ले/नयाँ पत्रिका

Media Gossips

Gossip no. 1
Kishore Nepal in Nepal 1
Earlier there was a gossip that Kishore Nepal left the Nepal Magazine because he is being nominated ambassador to a European country. But Mr. Nepal joined Nalini Singh's notorious Nepal 1.
Gossip no. 2
Kishore Nepal's salary
Kishore Nepal, the newly appointed editor in chief of the Nepal 1, will get Rs. 2,00,000 plus perks per month.

The next day Kishore joined Nepal 1, he was seen to be drinking in a bar of five star hotel in Kathmandu.

Gossip no. 3
Dhamala kicked out
Rishi Dhamala has been kicked out from the Nepal 1. It is not clear yet whether Kishore Kancha has any role in Dhamala's dismissal. But it has been said that Nalini took revenge with her lackey for double crossing her during the last month's agitation.

Gossip no. 4
Dhamala's SOS
Rishi Dhamala wants his job in Nepal 1 back. So he resorted to the Indian Embassy.

To make his masters happy, recently he invited Shivshanker Mukerjee as the chief guest in a program at his Reporters' Club. In the different media people were felicilated.

Gossip no. 5
Checks bounced
Photojournalists Rajesh Gurung of The Himalayan Times and Ramesh Chettri of the Gorkhapatra Daily were awarded.

Gurung and Chhetri were happy to receive a check worth Rs 25,ooo and Rs 15,000 respectively. But when they went to the bank after the program, the checks bounced.

Gossip no. 6
"Is Bhusan Dahal journalist?"
Binod Bhattarai is said to be laughing at the Reporters' club for felicilating Bhusan Dahal.
What can be the reason?

Trade Union in APCA Nepal

Frightened by the recent developments in the Nepali journalist world, the APCA Nepal managent has let to form FNJ chapter in its office.

FNJ THT chapter and FNJ Annapurna chapter.

Sounds great.

Journalist Kishore expects to be Ambassador

Kishore Nepal quit the Nepal

Prime Minister Koirala may not approve his name

Kishore Nepal quit the Nepal magazine because he has been assured by
the Nepali Congress (Democratic) and a top Maoist leader that he will
be nominated ambassador to one of the European countries.

It has been said that recently in a fine morning when he went to meet the former premier and
his god father Krishna Prasad Bhattarai in Bhaisepati, Amita Kapali congratulated
him. Next day he got a phone call from the Maoist high command about
the green signal.

He then returned to the Kantipur Publications and resigned. If you don't believe us, you can ask him. His number is 98510**716.

But it has been said that Prime Minister Koirala may not approve the name of Kishore Nepal, a critic of the former, as an ambassador .

World Press Freedom Day Gossips

Press Freedom is the lip service only.

How free we are? We work under our editor, the editor is under the management, the management runs after profit and other interests. We are only puppets.

So let's exploit blogging as freedom for expression.

How did you do mark the big day in Nepal? Did you participate in the rally in Kathmandu? Did you listen the speeches?

I am marking this day by posting these gossips. I don't know how much true they are. Why don't you write your view?

Gossip no.1

NTV did not get new name

On the auspicious occassion of the World Freedom Day, Minister Mahara wanted to change the name of the Nepal Television which for him and his party appears to be feudal; but his party headquarters could not decide whether to rename it as the Maoist Televison (MTV) or Prachanda Vajan Mandal (PVM) on time.

MTV would sound ultramodern and capitalistic with American imperialist discernment. The words Vajan in the fullform of PVM TV would give an impression that the Maoists are theist. So none of the names could be unanimous.

Gossip no.2
Maoists to nominate their people on top posts
Dr. Rishiraj Baral will head the Nepal Television. Rajendra Maharjan has chances to be nominated as a member of the NTV Board.

Gossip no. 3

Bahun in Gorkhapatra

Om Sharma will lead the Gorkhapatra Sansthan. Maoists are not above brahiministic attitude? Why was Shyam Shrestha rejected at last moment Prachanda has to answer.

Gossip no. 4

Another bahun in the RSS

Komal Baral, The Janadesh chief will head the Rashtriya Samachar Samiti (RSS). Taranath Dahal will not get chance to complete the honeymoon period.

Gossip no. 5

Scoop dumbed in Kantipur

A scoop was dumped in the Kantipur recently. People say there was an immense pressure from the management to not publish the piece.

Who is the reporter? What was his story about? Hello Kantipurians, is anything cooking in your team?

Gossip no.6

Bloggers banned in APCA house

The THT editor Ram N Pradhan has ordered his people either to stop blogging or be ready for some action. Pradhan believes that bloggers are whistle blowers. He doesn't want to let others know that he has now been forced to work under his Indian deputy.

Gossip no. 7

APCA Nepal management fears of strike. Major Joe discussed about the firing of some staffers last month with Shree Acharya and Pradhan duo of THT and Annapurna.

Gossip no. 8

Nepal1 strikers had locked up Sushant Jha some days ago to create pressure to the management. But the Indian Embassy requested the Nepali authorities to rescue him. Police intervened and Jha was freed.

Gossip no. 9

Clean chit to Dhamala?
The Nepal1 TV strikers declared Rishi Dhamala traitor last week. But still he pretends to be for the agitation. On May 2, he was seen speaking in favor of the strikers.

Though declared traitor, Dhamala could not be outcasted. Has he got clean chit or the strikers too are double-crossing?

It has been said that the strikers do not want to give up the option of reconciliation with Nalini despite their big talks.

Who wants to lose the means to earn the bread and butter?

Gossip no. 10

Minister Mahara has been ordered by Chairman Prachanda to fall silent in the Nepal1 uproar. It is believed that Prachanda talked to Nalini Singh and promised not to launch any campaign against her.

Prachanda wants to see the Nepal1 TV in the Maoists favor. Maheshwor Dahal, who has been recently nominated the advisor of the Ministry of Information and Communication is said to have advised Minister Mahara that Nepal1 TV if could be brought in the Maoists favor it will be of great help for propaganda dissipation.

Gossip no. 11

Nalini Singh has talked to Sujata Koirala again. Sujata has promised that she will try her best to protect the former's
interests. Sujata in return wants to see the Nepal1 TV as the mouthpiece of the Sujata lobby in the Nepali Congress.

Rishi Dhamala is Nalini's lackey

Nepal 1 TV scandal
"He sells footage to the Nepal 1"
Dhamala no more Advisor of the strikers

Among 85 strikers in the Nepal 1 Television, Rishi Dhamala is the number two signatory. But this sycophant has been found to be working to attenaute the movement. So he has been kicked out from the post of advisor of the agitation commitee.

Blog Gossip Corner had written about activities of Dhamala on April 22 also. Here is the link:YCL wants to stir up the FDI issue, Prachanda says no//Dhamala exercising to attenuate the strike

Dhamala bullies junior journalists to get news and he has deputed some freelances to collect footage for Nepal 1. The Blog Gossip Corner provided proofs of Dhamala's activities to one of the agitatitors three days ago. Now, the strikers have appealed other journalists to boycott Dhamala's Reporter's Club.

Two days ago when the agitators decided to submit a memorandum to the Indian Embassy, Bagale of the press secretariat of the Indian Embassy was the first person to get the information. Dhamala was found to be informing him.

Accorging to the Blog Gossip Corner sources, Dhamala is involved in espionage also. "He provides the Indian Embassy with secrets of Nepal government and the Maoists" he said. It has been said that he collects money (amount not clear yet) every month from a bank in Lazimpat area.

According to another source, among the agitators Rewati Sapkota, Badri Sigdel, Shiva Lamsal, Matrika Poudel and some others have been blacklisted by Nalini Singh for beefing up the agitation. "They are doing politics," Nalini blames.
Lately, it has been learnt that the staff in New Delhi may join the agitation very soon. But they fear of assault from goons of Nalini. According to the sources Nalini threatened the New Delhi staff of 'severe' and 'unprecedented' action if they go on strike.
Meanwhile, the agitation committe has urged the cable operators to black out the channel. When Nalini got this news, she called up the distibutor Mr. Giri and asked for cooperation. A source close to Giri said,"He is in very difficult situation. He is facing immense pressure from three sides. Jouranlists, Nalini Singh and cable operators."
In Kathmandu valley alone, 15 cable operators carry the channel.

Mr. Cock or newsanchor?

Kantipur TV gossip
Manoj Joshi nicknamed Mr. Cock
Let's sing kukuri ka for him
Blog Gossip Corner
April 27, Kathmandu
Dashing Manoj is tired of being teased as Mr. Cock in his office. In his home town, he has been named "valay" by kids. When he leaves home to the office, rowdy kids in his neighborhood annoy him by singing "rato valay kwayei kwayei sutkeri lai khwaein" and "kukri ka basi vat kha".

Do you know how this gallant anchor won this name Mr. Cock and why others sing those songs for him? If you don't, you go to the Kantipur canteen in Subidhanagar, Tinkune, and ask any Tom, Dick and Harry, he will explain you in detail.

Reprimand from his boss for the blunder plus the annoyance everywhere, this Kantipur Television newsanchor regrets he forgot to switch off his mobile phone while anchoring the news some weeks ago.

Isn't it funny? A newsanchor's phone buzzes in the newsroom when he is being broadcast live. Not once, not twice. What can others do? What will he do? Let the phone buzz and continue reading he news? Or cancel the call? The KTV sources say it was pity noticing him trying to switch off the phone in the newsroom. He did it once. Again, it rang. The caller did not give up for four times. Finally, Joshi switched off.

Manoj, do you want to share the name of the caller who led you to the annoyance and the action? You did no mistake by carrying your phone with you.There should be "grand design" against you. Beware! If you also feel so, I am with you. Let's fight the culprit who troubled you by calling you up when you were anchoring news live.

YCL wants to stir up the FDI issue, Prachanda says no

Nepal 1 TV scandal
YCL wants to stir up the FDI issue, Prachanda says no
Dhamala exercising to attenuate the strike

The BlogGossip Corner
Kathmandu, Aprill 22

Newspersons and other staff of the Nepal 1 TV have locked up the new office building of the television channel in Kathmandu. The Nepal 1 TV is owned by an Indian national Nalini Singh. The television channel based on New Delhi is illegally operating in Nepal for four years.

Though the management succeeded to abort similar movement last year, the Nepal 1 employees (Nepalis only) in Kathmandu finally resorted to strike this time, alleging the management for harassment and demanding editorial freedom and job security.

Before putting an end to all journalistic official activities in the Kamaladi office, a team led by Badri Sigdel met the Speaker of the Parliament and the Information and Communication Minister, and informed them about their strike. The team has urged the government for making clear the legal status of the television.

Reportedly, one of the team leaders met some central leaders of the CPN-Maoists today and asked for help. He is believed to have asked for the YCL stirring up the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) issue.

According to the BlogGossip Corner source, Nalini Singh, on the otherhand, has thrown her trump; she sent Rishi Dhamala to Prachanda and Sujata. It has been claimed that Prachanda has been “enlightened” by the “number one reporter” of Nepal about the “political and strategical loss” that the Maoists may bear if they speak anything against India and Indian Investement in Nepal at this “critical time”. It is believed that Prachanda has ordered the YCL to keep mum despite its interest in the issue. Albeit, Mr. Mahara, the Minister of Information and Communication is said to be serious about the legal status of the television channel that is illegally operating in the coutnry for four years.

Meanwhile, a Nepal 1 TV source claimed that rather than the case of editorial freedom and job security the apple of dicord is harrassement and nepotism. “Nalini Singh uses abusive words to Nepali employees,” she said. “For Nalini only Rishi Dhamala is important.”

Lately it has been learnt that Nalini Singh is arriving Kathmandu Monday evening. Among a few persons she will meet first are said to be Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Sujata Koirala and Rishi Dhamala.

Also, it has been learnt that the management is trying to offer “advantage” to Badri Sigdel and Raj Kumar Regmi to attenuate the movement.

Despite the strike in Kathmandu, the Nepal 1 is being aired from Delhi. The strikers have reportedly threatened the freelances who are cashing in on the strike and reporting for the television from Kathmandu.

Gere kissed Shilpa and fled Delhi

Richard Gere in Kathmandu


THT and Annapurna Post "ordered" not to cover the story

He embraced her, resupined her at some angle and kissed at her cheek lustfully in the stage.
He is Hollywod bigname Richard Gere.
She is Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.
Why would they not do that in the real what they do in the screen? Not a big deal.

How often you watch portentous up-to-the-minute news updates by the Hindi Newschannels? If you watched the propagandist and unnecessarily prioritized news by the
hundred-percenters, you would have desired to kiss that neat cheeks of old Shilpa.

But beware Indian extremists in Kathmandu may "kill" you even if you say that Gere did no wrong with Shilpa.

And if you work for The Himalayan Times or The Annapurna Post, you need to be more careful. Don't comment on any "kiss scandal" related to Indian bebes because if "Major Joe" et al will hear it, you will risk your job.
Do you know a The Himalayan Times trainee was fired in 2004 because he kissed an INDIAN performer (was she Rakhi Sawant?) in the BICC?

If you want to know the real story, you go to the Bhugolpark and meet Mr. Acharya who works for the Gorkhapatra Dainik in sports section.

In a coffee shop in the
neighborhood of the APCA House, this gossip was heard today.

Personal piece today with some gossip

Saynasomething resurrects

The BlogGossip Corner
Kathmandu, April 17

(Don't get confused, I am not going to write any news that can win credit line. I am just jesting at some TV channels and newspapers that pompously take credit for introducing change in society or instilling feeling of responsibility to the administration by their "just another news." )

The ubiquitous God may know the truth about "hack" and "now why and how 'back'" of her into blogosphere. But I am in a mood to take the full credit of the resurrection of this jolly old blogger Saynasomething. and her site.

Here are excerpts from her recent post:

"Someone has kindly returned my blog to me. Its been hacked for a month..."

"I had no hope to get it back as I don’t have any hope to get back my gamil (=gmail)again."

"Why do people do such a crazy thing? And why do they run after a person like me? I am being genuinely shocked. "

None of us is 'not crazy'! All of us try doing crazy things. You and I blog because we are crazy. If we were not we would live idlly.
And, by "why do they run after a person like me?'do you insinuate your disapproval towards the mention of your real name in the Gossip no. 6?
You don't be upset with others. World is beautiful like you are.
"First my gamil (=gmail) Id, after that my blog. What what things could be hacked? I don’t know about other thing but I am sure that my writing never could be hacked."

Well said. No body can "hack" your writing. Your pen (keyboard)is mightier than that of any cyberpunk. So keep up writing. If you had not come back, readers would miss a charimatic blogger. All the best.

Your "avatar" in the headline background and the group photo in Nepalivoices betrays your call (is there any?) for anonymity.

(When I was informed about your resurgence, the first thing I did was the comparision between the avatar and the group photograph. Now I am convinced that those gossipmongers were true.

Meanwhile, though I have been "fed" with information about your whereabouts, I won't divulge it to others. But you can get an email mail from me.)
You entertain your privateness. I will fuddle more vino.

(After a month, I am boozing today and am in high spirits. If I turn away from 'blog', "we" may unknowinlgy run off the tracks. So we halt (drinking).

Thanks to my sala-saheb (wife's cousin), it cost me Rs 1200 rupees to seek his help for learning "Setting up" "html codes" in the 'page elements' in my "dashboard".
Though he a student is always out of pocket, he always has a yen for alcohol. Why would he volunteer his computer skills for his "vena" who is going to collect revenue?

A lady reporter insulted infront of Prachanda

"Rishi Dhamala is sexist"

In the Prachanda's "Meet the Press" in the Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat, a lady reporter was mad at the self-declared "Number One Reporter of Nepal" who was mediating the program today.

When interrupted by Mr. Dhamala, while asking questions to Prachanda, she yelled amid the program: How can you dictate others?

After the program, in the lobby and outside the premises, these comments where heard:

1. "This flatterer Rishi is anathema in the name of reporters."

2. "Rishi is a broker. But why does Prachanda obey him?"

3. "Nalini Singh has bought him. He is in the mission to influence government officers and leaders such that the broadcasting license would be granted to Mrs Singh's new TV channel. Mr. Dhamala has carried 'reward' to officers and influential ministers."

4. "He arranged the meeting between Nalini Singh and Prachanda some months ago."

5. "He always misbehaves with lady reporters. He is sexist."

6. "He works as a manpower agent. He has swindled some people who want to go the Golf for foreign job. He gets commission from the Agencies."

You can reach me at or

FNJ president Nisthuri denied of US visa

Bishnu Nisthuri says he will never go to America

The top most leader of Nepali Patrakar's association has been denied of the visa by the US Embassy last week.

Bishnu Nisthuri, the president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), has reportedly declared that he will never ever go to the US then.

Also, he has urged his fellow journalists not to get dodged by by the US Imperialists and racists.

He thinks that he was denied of the visa because once in a party in Kathmandu he had an bitter argument with Ambassador Moriarty about Nepali politics.
(I heard this gossip in the Reporters' Club today.)

New Year Gossips

Baisakh 1, 2064 Gossip

Today I begin with some hearsays that I have heard from my blogger and reporter friends.

Let me restate it: These are hearsays and I have no input except where "I" or "My…" will be mentioned.

Gossip no. 1

United We Blog! But the team is divided. There is no controversy that UWB!, though in English, is the pioneer blog from Nepal. Erstwhile Nepalis living abroad used to "blog". Wagle Dinesh and Acharya Krishna Prasad aka Ujjwal founded this blog in October 2004. Both are journalists with the Kantipur.

UWB! was the platform for other bloggers too. Many reporters from Kantipur publication were other contributors. Gunaraj Luitel, Deepak Adhikari, Bashnet etc wrote at different occasions.

UWB! is the most popular blog in English. Wagle and Acharya claim that even King Gyanendra and Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai visit this site regularly.
UWB! was hacked in the end of 2005. Wagle thinks royalists believed that this site tainted King Gyanendra's image. Wagle asked democratic NRNs in the US to pay for the site to make it unhackable.

When the UWB! started earning nice sum of money from ads and visitors, Acharya and Wagle got divided. They do not have very warm relation now as it used to be earlier.

"Money divided them." The source close to them claims.

Another source in the Kantipur claims that Wagle has been recently rebuked for leaking "Kantipur exclusives" via UWB! by the management.
Though he was sometime back warned by his editor that he might be fired if he did not concentrate on the regular job, Wagle is concentrated more in blogging and working as translator for a reporter of a foreign news agency.
Many reporters at the Kantipur is not happy with the editor at the favoritism to his kin Dinesh.

Gossip no. 2

Ujjwal started Nepalivoices. In this blog, he writes about blogging and Nepali-blogosphere. He started listing URLs of Nepali bloggers.

He along with KP Dhungana of Hamroblog and Tajimm Mohammad of Neppal proposed an organization of Nepali bloggers: Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN).

They formed BLOGAN before organizing the meetings that was attended by only a few bloggers in January and February this year in the Freedom Forum, Kathmandu. But the working committee has not been formed yet. Reportedly, Taranath Dahal, the president of the Freedom Forum and now the chairman of Rashtriya Samachar Samiti (RSS), is said to be the patron of BLOGAN. He provides BLOGAN financial help.

NEW:KP Dhungana is nephew of TN Dahal. So he manages the Freedom Forum for the meetings even in holidays.

Gossip no. 3

One can see logo of BLOGAN displayed in many blogs that say they are "proud member of BLOGAN".

Both KP Dhungana and Ujjwal Acharya claim that they are the president.
But nobody knows who is the president of BLOGAN and what this association does.

One of the attendants of the BLOGAN meetings say that it is platform of Bahuns and Chhetris only.

Gossip no.4

Umesh Shrestha of MeroSansar claims that he gave up the job of reporter only to become full time blogger. He claims that his blog is the first in Nepali Unicode font.

His blog is the number one in terms of visitors as well as comments.

Among bloggers, he earns the most. The sum he collects a month exceeds $300. He has unique way of making money. He not only publishes advertisements but also requests the commentors abroad to click the ads.
Also, he asks donation for running the blog. Recently, he asked visitors of his site to help a kidney failed patient for surgery. He got a handsome sum of money from the money collected.

Some months ago, reportedly he was threatened by some Royalists. But it is said that it was propaganda by Umesh aka Solokya to become popular.
Umesh promises to pay his reporter friends at different newspapers to get exclusive news beforehand it is published. But he hardly ever keeps his promise.

Gossip no. 5

KP Dhungana is a reporter and works for the Rajdhani Dainik. He has Hamroblog which is another very popular blog in Nepali language.

He writes about political gossips. He is anti-communist. Though he tries to be democratic with some inclination for the Nepali Congress, it is said that he was member of the Student Wing of the Rashtiya Prajatantra Party. His family has good relations with Pashupati Shusher Jung Bahadur Rana.

One of my friends in Dubai who reads Hamroblog and writes comment says that Mr. Dhungana sends emails to his readers to contribute by clicking the advertisements such that he could earn more.

Gossip no. 6

There WAS another very popular blog till last month. Somebody anonymously wrote this blog. It was popular because the blogger was girl who used to write about love and sex very openly.

You got any image? I am talking about Saynasomething.

But Saynasomething has stopped blogging now. First she said that her Gmail password was hacked. After some weeks, her blog collapsed.

But that was a dodge. She decided to discontinue this blog because of the past contents.

She has come above-ground now. She attended the BLOGAN's meeting on February 17.
You can see her photograph Here.

Though she never published her full face, if you had noticed Saynasomething's eyes and hairdo in the "Avatar" (somebody behind me told me that the photo in one's blog is called "avatar".), you will agree that Anbika is Saynasomething.
Why did she decided to discontinue the earlier blog? Will she come with real name now?
There is a magazine called Voices of Women (VOW). In January, VOW had published an article about Nepali female bloggers and their photographs. Editor Shalinee Wadhwa invited Saynasomething also. But Sayana could not dare to be publicized as Anbika. But Anbika, who worked for the Samaya Weekly earlier and also a mass communication student, felt that she missed an opportunity to be popular.

Rosha the best friend of Anbika suggested "to kill Saynasomething". Now Sayasomething is dead.

A person who is acquainted with her, on the condition of anonymity, claims that Sayna's blogs were semi-fictious. Only Rosha can tell the fact. Will you Rosha?

Gossip no. 7

Wagle was not invited at BLOGAN's meetings. That meant he wouldn't have any role in BLOGAN.

But Wagle did not care because he had another project in hand. He started . Now this project has been developed into Nepalvista

Gossip no. 8

Vahsek, Keshuvko, Keshav Koirala, Keshav P Koirala, KK, AIDSe, HIVman, Notmystery, Matyangra… etc.

If you have seen comments in most of the Nepali blogs with these names, don't get confused: it is the same person.

Keshav was reporter then assistant editor at The Himalayan Times. This longhaired and mustachioed has left the job of journalist now. He teaches Biology in KU. He has many blogsites where he publishes ads. Rather than on content, he is concentrated on money making only.

Some of his sites are:
Recently he has started this is also his site.

Since he has relations with Ujjwal Acharya of Nepalivoices, Keshav has some position in BLOGAN. Ujjwal's wife is Keshav's cousin.

In response to to Jhan Charitrahin Cheli's article in UWB! a comment was published that leads to a new blog site of a so-called 'Charitrawanchela'" .

Though he denies, this "charitraban chela" is said to be Keshuvko himself. It is said that his girlfriend, a former journalist who is in the US now, had told him the names of the members of "Charitraheen Chelis".

Since he gave some hints about her in that blog, it is said that "Chandrika" is very angry at him. Because "Chandrika" is said to have some family ties with "Sharma" mentioned in the blog, "Sharma" reprimanded her cousin for disclosing about her to "Charitrawan chela."

Now this multiple-personality-genius regrets for publishing that offensive piece because it cost him his girlfriend.

Gossip no. 9
It is said that BLOGAN has planned to organize International Blogger's Summit in Nepal in 2008/2009. Before that members of BOGAN will get opportunities to participate in similar programs abroad.

KP and Ujjwal have decided to go abroad to take part first. Deepak Adhikari and Harsha Man Maharjan will get second chance.
Archana Shrestha has started Nepali-Bloggers. In this site she has listed links of most of blogs of Nepali bloggers.

Though her site is useful finding out the blogs, there are some errors. Many sites are repeated.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPortion Deletedxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx On special reqest of AS (email plus comment) and HK (comment).
But the keywords were: nepali-bloggers, hacked, underconstruction, dispute

Gossip no. 12

There is one very intellectual blogger called Blogdai.

Most of the readers believe that Blogdai is none other than Narayan Wagle, the editor of the Kantipur Daily.

When I meet him, I will ask him and tell you next time.

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(I got an email this morning in which it has been claimed that Blogdai is not Narayan Wagle.
"It is Deeepak Adhikari".

The link of Blogdai's site is instead.

(Thanks for the correction, AM Jee. But are you sure who Blogdai is? I believe Blogdai is an old man working abroad.)


Another reader wrote me and asked whether Anbika is Anbika Giri.

I suggest you to see the Nepalivoices' link above, CK jee. I don't know who is who.

You readers and bloggers can be my source of more gossips. So mail me at
Happy New Year 2064.

About Me and my motive behind blogging

I work in a media house and I have seen my colleagues longing for scoops. But I am not going to reveal who I am and also whether I work for print or electronic media
Except for a couple of occasions, I haven't blogged. But I have been an avid blog-reader for years (since UWB! was born.). That may be why my colleagues call me Blogparasite. In real time, I have decided others to read me. But I don't know whether I can be a real blogger.

I am tired of reading blogs on regular stuff like politics, writer's experiences and puking daily diaries. One thing that irritates me most is the mere pasting and publishing of nonsense content of emails and ditto news from newspapers or online news portals.

I was unfamiliar with why the number of bloggers escalated in a short period. A close friend, a blogger, suggested me to start blogging. I did not know that one can start a blog without paying a penny. Earlier I believed one needs Mastercard or Visa to pay for blogsite. A colleague helped me to open an account in Wordpress. I wrote an article and published it.

Last week, the friend, "Open an account in blogspot… You can earn money."

"Money from blogs?" I was unaware that in Nepal it is/was possible. However, I had read stories about bloggers abroad who have given up their earlier lucrative jobs only to be full time bloggers.

"By publishing advertisements in your blog-site."

To be honest, for me, computer is a typewriter that is attached to a TV. I can type, I can put CDs and watch movies, and can use internet. This is all what computer means to me. Except these things, I don't know more to do. I even can't work with laptop; it has no mouse and it is difficult to type on it. My colleagues, though behind my back, laugh at the mismatch: nature of my job and my lack of conversance.

I asked him how to publish ads. His answer amazed me. One can earn more than 100 dollars from a blog-site. He did not hid that if I applied for a publisher account through him, he too would get some commission. So be it; be it soon. Ha-ha-ha. Next month on, I will very easily earn amount more than half of my salary from the job for which I have to labor very hard. Money from blogs has lured me into temptation.

But I won't blog only for money. I will try to be different to the extent I can. Since I began my career from one of the weeklies that is/was popular for "sensational" content that is always overstatement, I have learnt how to convert something less important into an attractive and sensational piece. Thanks to ^A^ and ^R dazu

I will try to post something readable and epigrammatic. I believe you bloggers and readers can be my source of blogs. You can help me be different from others.

I will write about bloggers and journalists. I will write about anonymous as well as with-the-real-name Nepali bloggers that are most read. Gossip will be my mantra.

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